As in Violet Evergarden, every year a girl receives letters from her late mother.

Japanese portal Livedoor News he published an article describing history Troid, a girl of just eighteen years of age who received letters from her mother, who died in 2009, on every birthday. The article went viral in the comment forums because it is the same concept that is handled in one of the episodes of the series Kyoto Animation, Violet Evergarden.

«Rina, 18, a senior high school senior who lost her mother at the age of five and lives in a family home in Matsuyama, Japan, received another letter from her “mother from heaven” in her eighteenth year. Rina never talked much about her situation, but when the Yomiuri Shimbun published an article in September describing how she received a letter written by her mother before she died each year, she was warmly welcomed by many. “I'm kind of people around me and I feel great,” Rina said, looking up at the sky.».

«Rina's mother, Junko, died in June 2009 at the age of 34 after suffering from cervical cancer. Prior to his death, Rina was cared for by the guardian, Isayuki Sato, a lawyer with the Hyogo Bar Association, until she was 20, delivered each year on her birthday. Rina lives in a family home in Matsuyama that accepts children who, for various reasons, cannot live with their parents. This month, on his 18th birthday, Attorney General Sato visited the town with a letter.».

«Rina, who used to be as cute as an angel, is now 18 years old. Her mother would certainly be very happy to know that Rina is alive healthy and happy. Junko's letters contained more Chinese characters and longer sentences as the years went by. This year, she wrote to say that she was happy despite being ill. “When I was sick, there were a lot of people who supported and encouraged me, and I realized how much I respected people's hearts. And I realized that even sadness and illness are part of the great happiness of being born ”, the latest letter reported».

«Rina never spoke about her situation, saying she did not want people to feel sorry for her. However, she would love to trust a reporter who came to interview her at home that she wanted them to meet her kind mother. When the article appeared in this newspaper in September, a colleague said: “I did not know about this. I respect Rina, who always smiles ”. Rina says: “I used to be scared about what people would think of me, but I got a lot of comments on my article and I felt like there were a lot of hot people. Now I think it's good to be different “».

«In his letter this year, Junko wrote, “I was inspired by a lot of people and noticed the warmth of people ‘s hearts.” Rina comments with a laugh: “I was supported by my uncles, aunts, lawyers and many others. I had a hard time, but now I am happy. “ Rina is going to college next spring to study to become a child welfare officer, and plans to write a response letter to her mother with all the things she wants to say to her right away: “I’m always smiling, so keep taking care of me from heaven,” he says.».

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