Artists use Among Us in anime illustrations

Twitter user”Nenek Hani (@NenekHani)” recently became a trend after an update was shared showing a “trick” to draw anime-style sad eyes which, surprisingly, involves using the character models of the popular video game Among Us. «He saw it on Facebook and had to try it» he wrote in his original post.

Apparently, the Crewman form of Among Us It makes it easy for the highlights in teary eyes to look quite convincing. In fact, the council writes: «How to draw sad anime eyes: Step 1 – Draw Among Us with long shoess».

For those who don’t know the video game, his description writes:

  • In the game, you can play as a crew or as an impostor. As Crew: Win by completing tasks to prepare the ship or by eliminating all Impostors. React quickly to undo the sabotage of the impostors. Check the administrative map and the security cameras to keep an eye on the other colleagues. Report any corpses immediately to start the discussion about who the suspected Impostor is. Call emergency meetings to discuss suspicious behavior. Vote to expel suspected obstructionists.
  • As Impostor: Kill other crew members and frame watchers. He pretends to do tasks to blend in with other crew members. Sneak through the vents to move quickly around the ship. Use sabotage to create chaos and divide the crew. Close the doors to capture and kill the victims in private.

Let’s review some of the illustrations that used this advice, and they seem very convinced about it:

font: @NenekHani on Twitter


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