Arctic Monkeys reflect on the lasting impact of ‘A Certain Romance’

The Arctic Monkeys have reflected on the lasting impact of ‘A Certain Romance’, describing it as the song that showed the band that they had ambitions “beyond what we ever thought we were capable of”.

Speaking to NME in his recent cover interview with Big Read, singer Alex Turner compared the emotional depth of “The Car” to the two-minute guitar breakdown that closes “A Certain Romance”, the final track on the album. The band started in 2006 “Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I Am Not”.

“I remember when we were recording ‘A Certain Romance’ and I had a conversation with the producer about the final guitar solo,” he said.

“There’s something that happens at the end of that song where we break some rules in one minute. We focus on the effect [emocional] instruments over words, and I think we’ve tried to do it over and over since then.

When asked if he was still proud of the song, Turner replied, “Yes,” adding, “If anything, because of the fact that [‘A Certain Romance’] it showed that we really had these ambitions beyond what we once thought possible. Back then, we struggled with the idea of ​​adding something more to the songs; but here, there’s some guitar that goes up, and then it goes back in.”

“When we record [‘A Certain Romance’] we were all like ‘Woah, woah, woah…'” he said. “What have we done here? Pushing the music so far from what we had done before was controversial, to say the least.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Turner discussed the song ‘505’ which went viral on TikTok, describing it as “really a movement.”

“If we hadn’t had ‘505’ at the end of our shows for a few years, around 2008, I’m not sure it would have found the new life it has now,” he told NME.

“I hope it doesn’t sound like I’m taking credit for it. [de la reposición]; Although not completely unexpected, the attention around [‘505’] It’s really very special.”

Turner addressed the fact that his band are embarking on a full UK stadium tour for the first time next summer, describing new album ‘The Car’ as ripe for “being in a stadium”.

In a five star review, NME praised ‘The Car’ as a “sword and ropes epic”.

For their part, the Arctic Monkeys will play during a special episode of Later …With Jools Holland dedicated entirely to them.

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