Arctic Monkeys premiere ‘Sculptures Of Anything Goes’ in their first concert since the release of ‘The Car’

In their first public show since the release of “The Car” last month, Arctic Monkeys delighted Brazilian fans with the live debut of “Sculptures Of Anything Goes”.

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Last night (November 4), the band performed in front of a crowd of almost 18,000 people at the Jeunesse Arena in Rio de Janeiro. They played a total of 21 songs, four of which were taken from “The Car”. In addition to “Sculptures Of Anything Goes” (which kicked off a three-song encore), Arctic Monkeys opened their set with “There’d Better Be A Mirrorball,” and played “Body Paint” and “I’ n’t Quite Where I Think I Am” towards the middle of the concert.

Elsewhere in the set, the band played a cumbia redux of ‘Four Out Of Five’ (from 2018’s ‘Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino’), as well as a new arrangement of the ‘505’ cut ‘Favourite Worst Nightmare’, and the first local production of ‘Do Me A Favour’ from 2012.

Check out some footage of the band performing “Sculptures Of Anything Goes” below, and then check out the full setlist from last night’s concert (via

Game Arctic Monkeys

1. 1. ‘Ball Better Be Better’

2. ‘Brianstorm’

3. ‘Jump Off’

4. ‘Crying Lightning’

5. ‘Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I Moved Your Chair’

6. ‘Why did you only call me when you’re high?’

7. ‘Body Painting’

8. ‘Four Of Five’ (cumbia arrangement)

9. ‘Arabella’

10. ‘I’m not quite where I think I am’

11. ‘That’s Where You’re Wrong’

12. ‘Cornerstone’

13. ‘Do I Want to Know? ‘Do I want to know?’

14. ‘Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino’

15. ‘Pretty Visitors’

16. ‘Do Me A Favour’ (live in Brazil for the first time since 2012)

17. ‘From the Ritz to the Rubble’

18. ‘505’ (new arrangement)

19. ‘Pictures Of Anything Goes’ (live debut)

20. 20. ‘I promise you look good on the dance floor’

‘RU Mine?’

The Car” was released on Domino on October 21, marking Arctic Monkeys’ seventh studio album. Upon its release, savvy fans realized that “Sculptures Of Anything Goes” appears to be a reference to the dark Nintendo DS game.

The album earned a rave five-star review from NMEwhere Thomas Smith wrote that it is “almost overwhelming in its ambition and scope, but gives enough reason to revisit this record again and again”.

Arctic Monkeys’ South American tour continues in São Paulo tonight (November 5), with four more dates on the itinerary before wrapping up in Lima, Peru on Friday, November 11.

The band have plenty of tour dates ahead of them, including headline sets at next year’s Open’er, Bilbao BBK Live and Rock Werchter festivals, as well as their own full tours of Great Britain and Ireland (where frontman Alex Turner that the songs on ‘The Car’ were ripe for “hanging out in a stadium”), in Europe and North America.

Meanwhile, last month the Arctic Monkeys played during a special episode of it Later…By Jools Holland, and reflect on the reception they received for “Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino” and “A Certain Romance.”

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