Another ‘thigh pose’ Lycoris Recoil wrap

We previously covered that scene from the latest episode of the original anime Recoil Lycoris became a trend because of the protagonist Chisato Nishikigi apparent handstand. Since she wears a skirt and stands with one hand while keeping her crotch from showing with the other, the skirt falls on both sides and reveals her voluminous thighs.

Do you remember what happened to the popular pose Jack-O’-Valentine that all the popular characters started to be imitated by talented artists in the end? Well, the same thing is happening with this pose, as multiple fans have emerged who replace Chisato with other characters. Unfortunately, there are no hashtags on networks to identify this trend, but we have compiled some of the most relevant ones in a direct search.

Summary of Lycoris Recoil

The number of terrorist acts in Japan has never been lower, thanks to the efforts of a syndicate known as Direct Attack (DA). The organization raises orphaned girls as assassins to carry out assassinations under its “Lycoris” program. Takina Inoue is an exceptional Lycoris, with a strong sense of will and penchant for perfection. Unfortunately, a hostage situation tests her patience, and an uncoordinated act results in her being transferred out of the DA. He’s not too happy to lose the only place he’s been, but he reluctantly arrives at his new home: LycoReco, an undercover coffee shop.

However, Takina’s new partner is very different from what she imagined. Despite being the famous Lycoris feat, it seems that Chisato Nishikigi is not up to her duties. He drags Takina into all sorts of odd jobs under the simple guise of helping people in need. Takina is further concerned when Chisato takes down a group of armed attackers without killing any of them. Feeling like a fish out of water, Takina is very disappointed to rejoin the DA, but Chisato is determined to show her that there is more to life than taking it.

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