Another obvious Prison School panel couldn’t make it to the anime

This is not the first time we have commented on it Yoshihiro Maedaanimation director for the anime adaptation of the manga Prison School (Gakuen Kangoku), and he recently made another update via his official Twitter account revealing a new panel that was not related to the anime adaptation, at least not entirely.

The panel in question shows a girl in her panties and her crotch drawn in detail, although her private parts are clearly not detailed. However, according to Maeda, this panel did not affect the animation, as it was edited. «The production team said they were sorry, but the crotch would have been completely blacked out.», he wrote in his publication.

And so it was, we can see in the original sketch that although her close-ups are not detailed, part of her right butt can be seen from her crotch. However, it seems the panel was “too much” for the controllers, so it was decided to darken the entire area while transitioning to animation.was in the OVA Prison School: Mad Waxwas released in March 2016 as part of the 20th compiled volume of the original manga.

Akira Hiramoto published the original manga through the magazine Young Magazine of the Week from the publisher Kodansha in February 2011, and was completed in December 2017 with a total of twenty-eight compiled volumes. The drama inspired a twelve-episode anime adaptation made by studios. JCSTAFFreleased in July 2015.

This work is as much loved as it is hated by fans, especially loved by those who have only seen the anime adaptation. In the words of the fan: «This manga is the perfect example of what happens when the author runs out of ideas and starts experimenting with useless plot types, destroying the character development and the entire story in the process. I was disappointed, the ending is very crude and feels forced».

Summary of the Prison School

Hachimitsu Private Academy, an elite girls’ high school, opens its grand doors to male students for the first time in its history. However, the five boys who sign up are a quiet bunch who can’t communicate with the girls. This group of misfits consists of the foreign delinquent Shingo, the strange and sickly “Jo”, the obese “Andrei”, the intelligent “Gakuto” and Kiyoshi, the most normal of the group. The five boys are disturbed by their lack of female interaction and embark on a dangerous mission to spy on some girls while they are in the shower.

However, due to a series of mishaps, their operation fails, exposing the boys’ actions to the entire school. Because of their crimes, the Students’ Council threatens to sentence the boys to a month. What the ruthless beauty of the council doesn’t know is that the boys’ bad and unusual sermons will only get worse.

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