Anime will be produced by Trigger at the Dungeon Meshi manga

Headband was the twelfth volume of the manga written and illustrated by Ryoko Kui, Meshi Dungeon (Fun in Dungeon), confirmed the production of an anime adaptation. The headline does not reveal a scheduled release date, but confirms that the studios trigger They will lead the animation. In addition, external sources released the first promotional image of the project.

Kui started publishing the manga in the magazine fired from the publisher Kadokawa in February 2014. The publisher published the eleventh compilation volume on September 15 in Japan. The manga was named for the ninth issue of the Taisho Manga Awards in 2016, and was later nominated in the twelfth edition of the same event in 2019.

The manga series also entered the 2016 Male Reader Recommended List, Kono Manga and Sugoi!and received thirteenth place in the magazine’s 2015 recommendation ranking DaVinci in Japan. The studies trigger they had already released thirty-two commercials in 2019 to promote the release of the eighth compilation volume.

Summary of Dungeon Meshi

After the Golden Kingdom is driven underground by a mad wizard, its king emerges, promising all his treasures to whoever defeats the wizard, before collapsing. This promise inspires the guilds and they go across the labyrinthine dungeon in search of the mage. Laios, the leader of one of these guilds, meets a dragon that destroys his group and eats his sister Falin. Despite having lost all their supplies and belongings, Laios, along with Marcille, an ELF healer, and Chilchuck, an idiot thief, immediately re-entered the dungeon, determined to save Falin.

With time of the essence, Laios suggests the taboo of eating dungeon monsters as a means of gathering supplies. As they prepare their first meal in the dungeon, they are stopped by a dwarf named Senshi. A monster cooking enthusiast, he helps them prepare their monster ingredients for safe consumption. Upon learning of Laios’s circumstances, Senshi expresses his desire to cook a dragon and joins his guild, thus beginning their quest into the food-filled dungeon together.

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