Anime School Days is celebrating 15 years on the scene

On July 3, 2022 in Japan, fifteen years have passed since the premiere of an anime adaptation of the visual novel. School daysshown by the studios TNK and consisting of twelve episodes in total. This anniversary was even remembered by Livedoor Newsreferring to the meme of “Nice boat“, Which became a trend during the broadcast of this anime in 2007.

In September 2007, one day before the broadcast of the last episode of the anime School days In Japan, a 16 – year – old girl killed her father with an ax in Kyoto. Due to the presence of a very similar scene in the episode and to avoid the relationship with the murder of the ax, Kanagawa TV replace the episode with half an hour of unrelated scenery while playing “Air on String G“A Norwegian ferry was included in the film.

Between the shock and the rage expressed among the fans, a user of 4chan said “Nice boat (cute boat) ”, Referring to the Norwegian ferry featured in the replacement footage of the last episode.

For her, School days is a visual novel for adults developed by Overflow and released for operating systems Windows in Japan on April 28, 2005. He later played a port as a Game-DVD and for the console Game PlayStation 2 Y portable playstation, remove the adult content in the latter. A high – quality version was released in Japan in October 2010 and in North America in June 2012.

The novels inspired adaptations on various media, such as manga adaptations with Homare Sakazukipublished in the journal Comp Ace from the publisher Kadokawa between May 2006 and September 2007. However, the franchise became very popular due to its anime adaptation of twelve episodes produced by the studios TNKled Keitaro Motonaga and scripts written by Makoto Uezuissued in July 2007.

Summary of School Days

High school student Makoto Itou first notices Kotonoha Katsura at the beginning of the second semester, in his first year. He is immediately intrigued by her beauty, but his shyness does not allow him to touch her, even though they travel on the same train every day. Instead, he secretly takes a photo of her and fixes it as wallpaper on his cellphone: a charm that, if kept secret long enough, helps to build a relationship. Her colleague Sekai Saionji sees the picture, however, but instead of saying it, she offers to help Kotonoha, even going so far as to befriend her directly to him. So the three of them start a friendship without delay …

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