Anime [email protected] MILLION LIVE Reveals Advance Teaser and Preview, Premiering Fall 2023

The [emailprotected] MILLION LIVE anime revealed teaser preview and preview. The message was originally revealed during the Idolmaster Million Live! Getting ready for the 10th anniversary! special live stream. The teaser features three characters, namely Mirai Kasuga (voiced by Haruka Yamazaki), Shizuka Mogami (voiced by Azusa Tadokoro), and Tsubasa Ibuki (voiced by Machiko). The series is scheduled to premiere in the fall of 2023.

The [emailprotected] MILLION LIVE– Anime visual teaser

Similar to the preview, the characters also appeared in the teaser preview, which initially showed a short timeline of the spin-off series. Studio Shirogumi will animate the series with Shinya Watada as director and Yoichi Kato as writer.

The [emailprotected] MILLION LIVE – Preview of the teaser

The [emailprotected] MILLION LIVE! is a spin-off of The [emailprotected] a series of games developed by Namco Bandai Games. The anime is based on a game of the same title that launched in 2013 and closed its servers in March 2018. Players can run their own idol manufacturing company in the game and improve their idols’ talents. A year before the end of the service, Bandai Namco Entertainment launched a successor to the game titled The [emailprotected] Millions alive! Days of the theater. The anime series will follow the story of Mirai Kasuga and the other idols and their growth when it comes to acting skills.

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