Anime Gabriel DropOut celebrating its fifth year

January 9, 2022 in Japan is five years since the premiere of the anime adaptation of the manga written and produced by Ukami, Gabriel Drum Out. This series was produced by studios Madra madra, but there is no indication of the upcoming second season.

Ukami began publishing the manga in the magazine Dengeki Daioh G from the publisher Kadokawa in December 2013, with the publisher publishing the tenth compiled volume in November 2020. Manga spin-off manga Bafako, entitled Tapris SugarStep, published in the same journal between August 2018 and October 2020, with two volumes.

The anime adaptation was done by the studios Madra madra, with the address of Masahiko Ohta and scripts written by Takashi aoshima, released during the Winter-2017 season (January-March) and with a total of twelve episodes, and Crunchyroll handles distributed in the West.

Gabriel DropOut Summary

For centuries Heaven has required its young angels to live and study among humans to become full-fledged angels. This is no different from Gabriel White Tenma, who believes that his mission is to be a great angel who brings happiness to mankind. However, Gabriel becomes addicted to video games on Earth and ends up in a hikikomori. Announcing herself as a “fallen angel”, she is sad about everything else, especially under the guise of Vignette April Tsukinose, a demon Gabriel was related to in her early angelic days on Earth.

Vignette Gabriel's efforts to restore her former identity are in vain, as Gabriel refuses any attempt to change her valuable lifestyle. Spending their time on Earth, they meet two eccentric personalities: the angel Raphiel Ainsworth Shiraha, Gabriel's classmate who loves sadness, and the devil Satanichia McDowell Kurumizawa, ruler of the Underworld announced in the future. Gabriel DropOut follows the comic world of these four friends because they do not understand what it means to be a devil or an angel.

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