Anime for the ice man and his cool colleague

On Miyuki TonogayaThe ice man and his cool colleaguethe manga is receiving a TV anime adaptation, as announced in the newly opened Twitter account and website. Studios ZERO-G and Liber will produce the anime with Mankyu as director. Yui Ishikawa will voice the main character Fuyutsuki-san, while Chiaki Kobayashi will voice the male character Himuro-kun. A special illustration by Miyuki Tonogaya was released in honor of the announcement:

The Ice Man and his cool TV anime colleague visually
The Ice Man and His Cool Colleague – TV Anime Illustration

The ice man and his cool colleague the manga was serialized for the first time on Square Enix Gangan PixieManga website on July 12, 2019. Will publish volume 6 on June 22. Comikey license it in English and describe the story:

Himuro-kun is a living descendant of the Snow Woman from Japanese folklore. But every time he is around his eccentric but kind colleague, Fuyutsuki-san, he freezes completely! Despite the snowstorm of love raging in his heart and her utter ignorance, will he take a step forward or remain frozen in place?

Source: Official website
© Miyuki Tonogaya / SQUARE ENIX

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