Anime announced why Raeliana ended up in the duke’s manor

Why did Raeliana end up at the duke’s manor will get an anime adaptation. There is no word yet on the cast and release date of the series. The anime’s Twitter account just opened today, and you can check out the official announcement below:

Why did Raeliana end up at the duke’s manor is a romance isekai web novel series by Milcha illustrated by Whale. It Book started publishing it in 2016 and ended in 2018 with a total of 3 volumes. It was adapted into a webtoon on Kakaopage from 2017 to 2020. Tappytoons licensed the manhwa in English. The comic is also being serialized on Piccoma’s website. Kadokawa also publishes it and the 7th volume will be released on July 5, 2022.

Why did raeliana end up in the duke's mansion anime manhwa vol 7
Why did Raeliana end up at the duke’s manor volume 7

Yen Press also publishes Why did Raeliana end up at the duke’s manor in English and describes the plot as:

Eunha Park thought she was getting another chance at life when she woke up in the world of the novel. The only problem? Raeliana McMillan, the character she reincarnated into, is doomed to be killed by her fiancé! In the name of her survival, she comes up with an idea – to enter into a fake marriage with a man who is more influential than her future groom. But when that protection comes in the form of Noah Winknight, the duke with a warm smile and a cold heart, Raeliana realizes she might be a little over her head… She’s going to regret this plan, isn’t she?

Yen Press

source: Official Twitter
© Whale ・ Milcha 2017 / D & C WEBTOON Biz / “Why She Went to the Duke’s Residence” Production Committee

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