Animator Takashi Hashimoto does not believe Founder’s Statements Unusable

Oh Hikaru kondo, founder of the studios Unusable, it has been pointed out that the soul industry in Japan is in an increasingly critical situation because production committees do not increase budgets while production costs are rising, animators' views on this statement are contradictory. We have already reviewed the first one, but the opposite views are worth reviewing.

The entertainer Takashi Hashimoto, who have taken part in projects such as Kimi no Na wa, Noragami, Ansatsu Kyoushitsu Y. Tower of GodHe wrote on Twitter after reading Kondo's remarks during his tax evasion hearings at Ufotable Studios: «No matter how successful their job is, a trash boss is still a trash boss. A little over three years ago, before it became an interest, they asked me to be my director of animation for a project and told me that, unlike other companies, they only pay up to a certain amount of money, and if you pay you did not want to participate, you did not! Most of the information on the Internet talks about how difficult it is to be an animator, but I am.».

He continued: «That man spent thousands of millions of yen on his property. I think it is wrong to blame the industry for it. It ensures that it will not accept non-profit projects, so if you intend to evade taxes again, it is best to withdraw now. Making an animation, or even a movie, is a lot of work, and if you want to make a lot of money, you can use your talent to do something else». And he concluded: «It is a company that has always had a reputation for being extremely profitable. Of course, employees get an attractive salary and bonus, but that's because they are exploited through outsourcing. That's it».

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