An investigation into the death of actor Sayaka Kanda ends

In an update published on the official site of the artist Sayaka kanda at your agency L'aube Inc., CEO and uncle of Kanda, Mitsuhisa kamachi, announced that the actor's funeral was held on December 21 in a private ceremony with friends and family, and that their investigation into Kanda ‘s death had been completed by the police.

On Kanda's official website He is said to have died of a serious trauma as a result of falling from his hotel room in Sapporo, but “there were no suspicious circumstancesAround the fall itself, which suggests that previous media coverage of suicide can be discounted. But still, Kanda police and agency »I would refrain from exposing the cause of the fall in light of Kanda's honor and the impact it could have on those around her. The statement also calls on the media not to disturb Kanda's family or friends, as well as not to publish speculative details about his passing.

Sayaka Kanda became famous for playing the role of Sora in Kamen Rider Den-O and be Anna's voice in the Japanese dub of Frozen ó Disney. Anime fans know her the best for her performance in the role of Yuna in the anime movie. Sword Art Online: Normal Scale and for his return in the latest season of TV anime. Kand also celebrated Kanda's fierce fandom Danganronpa for his voice and singing performances i Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony In role Kaede akamatsu within the video game as part of the main cast. Outside of the video game, he played a role Junko enoshima in three adaptations of your play with Danganronpa.

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Il n'y a pas de honte à être faible, la honte est de le rester.

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