An event in Mexico was criticized for having the author of One Piece as a guest

the event”Mexico Fun Convention” It gave a lot to talk about recently announcing that the mangaka is famous Eiichiro Odacreator of the famous series “one piece“, he will be one of the distinguished guests in its third annual edition scheduled for December 2023 in Mexico. This news has caused consternation among fans, as Oda is known for his slyness and tendency to communicate through written messages rather than public appearances.

The controversy arose due to the skepticism of fans, who doubt that a relatively new event like “Fun Convention Mexico” can attract the participation of Eiichiro Oda, who is rarely seen at public events. It was a big news that Oda has not left Japan to participate in these events.

In response to the growing criticism, the team of “Fun Convention Mexico” released an official statement to clarify the situation. In the statement, the team notes that they have been negotiating with the people responsible for Eiichiro Oda’s public relations for about three months to ensure his participation in the event. While the team acknowledges the sensitivity of confirming the presence of an internationally renowned artist like Oda, they say they have taken precautions and followed their standard verification process before announcing any guests.

The statement explains that the contract with Eiichiro Oda stipulates that he will be present on December 16 and 17 for autograph signing sessions and photos with attendees. The team emphasizes its commitment to honesty and transparency in the selection of guests, and states that they will not enable the pre-sale of the autograph and photo packages until they are 100% sure of the authenticity of Oda’s participation.

Despite this statement, public reaction was largely negative. Criticism focused on the ill-worded statement and the accusation that the event is promoting Eiichiro Oda’s image without confirming his participation, which led to allegations of cheating.

The event is also accused of using the image of a big-name artist to attract more attendees and increase the visibility of the event, even before there is firm confirmation. This prompted a discussion on the ethics of event promotion and the responsibility of the organizers when making announcements that could be seen as misleading.as the following comments show:

  • «Chale, I believed it. I was already excited for good».
  • «Well, it’s best not to say you’re going to bring it until you’ve confirmed everything is legal, right? Otherwise you would be engaging in misleading advertising».
  • «It’s not a bad joke, but knowing that Oda doesn’t go to events or in his own country, you seem to have a very altered perception of reality.».
  • «What ability to publish the event with “possible” and “we hope that the people in charge of public relations”. And still post the tickets out there. Although I didn’t notice they were already on sale, this is false advertising».
  • «The words “prospect guest” show the professionalism in organizing your event».
  • «Good luck, find a better guest coordination team. I hope they got scammed out of enough money so they learn».
  • «The statement is written with terrible form and spelling. So it doesn’t surprise me that they scam you and that you try to scam them».
  • «My favorite part is: “We hope if they are the real responsible people”».
  • «Of course he will come to Mexico with Akira Toriyama, Hirohiko Araki, and Tatsuki Fujimoto».
  • «This was all reckless and unprofessional of you.».
  • «They used their worst writing skills to write this statement, a reflection of their organization».
  • «Do not think, almost all of Latin America was going to get tickets for their convention with the guest. What the hell did they just do».
  • «The truth sounds quite strange that they tagged One Piece Instagram, which was often said to be unofficial and made by fans. I hope they are not scamming you».
  • «The minimum you might know about the theme of One Piece is that you won’t be able to meet the creator, Eiichiro Oda, even if the story is in full swing, not even when the manga ends. His privacy has been sacred to him for many years.».
  • «Haha, what a way to show off! “We hope they are the real ones,” they say. The lack of seriousness of this convention is in direct proportion to the laughter they bring to their statement written by an elementary school student.».

In short, the “Mexican Fun Convention” has generated controversy by announcing the author’s possible participation one piece in its annual issue in December. Although the team of the event has issued a statement trying to clarify the situation, there is still criticism and allegations of scam among the fan community and on social media. The event faces the challenge of restoring public confidence and proving the veracity of the announcement before the scheduled edition is completed.

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