An artist explains the correct way to draw thighs

“Twitter Artist”ふるいけ (@start_furuike)” posted an update noting changes in thigh shape depending on location. From left to right notes for the seated girl can be read as “part of the thigh visible from the side“Y”the cross-section of the thighs giving the shape of a rice ball“.

Other details also include how the cross-section of the thighs varies depending on the location. “Gravity causes the thighs to expand vertically“Y”the lower part will fall aside to form a horizontal line at the bottom of the page“, according to the notes.

The interesting data was shared in a comment forum, where it prompted comments such as:

  • «As usual thighs are the best part of girls».
  • «I had never been attracted to him even considering the cross section of the thighs. It’s a good studio».
  • «In a scene where Shizuku is sitting in “HUNTER x HUNTER”, there is a frame where you can see the shape of a hill like this».
  • «I like to “wake up” thighs!».
  • «When I go to the bathroom, how does gravity affect the shape of my thighs?». (Remember that there are some toilets in Japan that are not toilets, but are at ground level and the user has to squat on it).
  • «This deserves a scientific article».
  • «It’s so obvious I don’t see the point of writing it».
  • «It looks delicious».

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