An anti-lolis YouTuber has been accused of harassing minors on the Internet

Many cases of harassment or abuse of minors are eventually reported on the Internet, some much worse than others. But, generally the people who attract public attention are the people who made allegations against lolis in the past, and found out that they were pedophiles themselves.

Although the concept of “lolis” is still being discussed among the public, this article is not to talk about whether they are legal or not, but on the irony of the unfortunate situation that will be revealed below. It all started on December 24, when the Internet artist “Prad Art” share a long online document that he was a victim of grooming (online sexual harassment and abuse) when he was 15 years old by a popular YouTuber”I hate your job“.

According to the artist, the events took place in February 2020, when she was fifteen years old. The girl dedicated a drawing to her for her birthday, which led to the fact that they established a private contact through WhatsApp, where all the events took place, until they started a long-distance relationship. According to the report, “I Hate Your Post” confirms that he never knew that the girl is a minor, but she shares her real age in all his official networks.

The extensive document goes on to show many screenshots that reveal a toxic attitude on the part of the YouTuber., who demanded sexual content via WhatsApp from the girl while maintaining an attitude of control from the screen. In the end, their relationship ended after some change, but that was only the beginning of events.

When one thinks that the document will end, it turns out that the “I Hate Your Post” YouTuber has had this kind of attitude and relationship with more than one girl. In the document you can see the testimony and conversations with “Lemon“, a girl under age (17 years old) back then. There are also other conversations with another 14-year-old girl (at the time), who made illustrations for him for which he was never financially rewarded, and to whom the YouTuber also made sexually inappropriate comments.

We will close the article here because it is better for the reader to consult the entire document to learn more cases of victims of this YouTuber. And why do we cover these facts on this site? Well, this is reminiscent of the case of the CNN producer who maintained a pedophilia network. Although this YouTuber is not committing a crime of that magnitude, harassing minors on the Internet is still a crime. Ironically, this YouTuber posted a video criticizing loli culture and its consumers in June 2021. A video which, of course, is now being mocked towards the subject for the irony of the situation in which it is now.



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