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Amy Schumer says she reviewed tricks with Will Smith before the Oscars

Amy Schumer said she gave him her Will Smith jokes before this year’s Oscars.

The comedian, who co – hosted the event with Wanda Sykes and Regina Hall, now explained that she had twice checked whether the people she was joking about could be able to approve her jokes in advance.

“I contacted the people I was about to joke with before and made sure they were okay with it because I’ve been burned too many times,” Schumer said in an interview on The Howard Stern Show at SiriuxXM ( by The Howard Stern Show). Independent), adding that “he did not want the camera cut to someone who was looking sad.”

He also said, “I told the Williams sisters, I told Will, I told Leo,” about the jokes he made about Serena and Venus Williams, Will Smith and Leonardo DiCaprio.

On stage, Schumer discussed Smith King Richard’s film, which tells the story of Serena and Venus Williams’ father Richard, saying, “After years of Hollywood ignoring women’s stories, this year we finally have a film about the wonderful father of Williams sisters. “

Amy Schumer recently revealed that she received death threats following a joke she made about Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons at the Oscars.

Schumer had pretended to confuse Kirsten Dunst, who was nominated for her performance in The Power of the Dog, with a seat filler, who is hired to sit in a guest chair if the guest leaves the room to summary.

Dunst fans and her husband Jesse Plemons, who hired Schumer after the trick, targeted Schumer on social media. She then said in a statement on Twitter: “Hey, I’m grateful for the love for Kirsten Dunst. I love her too! I wouldn’t despise that queen like that.”

The comedian has since explained that the statement was necessary because the abuse she was receiving had escalated.

“They were so bad that I was contacted by the secret service,” Schumer told Stern. “They said, ‘I think you got the wrong number. It’s Amy, not Will. [Smith]’. The hypocrisy is incredible. “


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