Amazonica on supporting The Libertines at Wembley: “It was a flashback to 2002”

DJ Amazonica has spoken about her experience opening for The Libertines at Wembley Arena this weekend, as well as sharing some exclusive behind-the-scenes photos.

The DJ, solo artist and long-time friend of the band was invited to join the band as they celebrate 20 years since their smash debut album ‘Up The Bracket’ at the iconic London venue this weekend – where like The Cribs acting as well. special guests, and Jamie T even made a surprise appearance.

“You know those people you may not see for years, but when you see each other it’s like no time has passed?” Amazonica told NME. “You like the same things, you basically understand each other and you love hanging out with them. That’s how I feel about the Libertines.”

He continued: “It’s a bit confusing, but in the days before ‘Up The Bracket’ was released we all used to go out and get into mischief. There was a special spirit in the air, rock music was back and there were great bands. which was changing the world – most ended up on the floor of the Libertines’.

“We all made music, we did concerts, we made it happen and it was documented for posterity on an ‘Up The Bracket’ inset cover.”

Amazonica described how it was “unbelievable” to be all together at Wembley 20 years later.

“The guys asked me to DJ and I started playing classics from The Savages, The Sex Pistols and The Pixies, as well as some UK Punk from Bad Nerves,” he said, “Rookie Louis Dunford took the stage with a mesmerizing performance ! The Paddingtons delivered a high-octane set before The Cribs played an incredible set in which ‘Men’s Needs’ blew up the hole. The last DJ before the Libs came on stage and brought out the firecrackers and Wembley will be singing.”

Speaking of the atmosphere as the Libertines took to the stage, Amazonica said their performance “exceeded the dizzying heights of rock’n’roll legends who have performed at Wembley before”.

“At the after party, Gary [Powell, baterista] he started dancing and I hit my head on a table. It was a riot. Pete and John [Hassal, bajista] that was left, but Gary, Carl [Barat, vocalista] and I had the court. We got a little glimpse of 2002 with those iconic songs for you all at Wembley. It is lovely.”

Meanwhile, Doherty recently told NME that fans should expect work on a new Libertines album to be completed by the end of the year.

Doherty confirmed that writing sessions were scheduled in Jamaica to work on the long-awaited follow-up to 2015’s “Anthems For Doomed Youth”.

After telling NME that the album seemed like an eclectic mix of styles similar to The Clash’s ‘Sandinista’, Doherty explained: “There’s a lot on the table: some real rock’n’roll songs -good, strong and melodic. We also have ideas for soundscapes and spoken word stuff.”

When asked when the album could be finished, he replied: “By the end of the year, I hope, I hope. We’ll have done the demos in the summer, I hope, and then we’ll see we.”

The band are set to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their stunning debut album “Up The Bracket” this year, releasing a “Super Deluxe Edition” of the disc in October.

Amazonica’s new single will be on sale in October.

Meanwhile, Doherty’s acclaimed last album, “The Fantasy Life of Poetry & Crime” by Frédéric Lo, is out now.

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