Alice Cooper signs with the CAA to tour North America




		Alice Cooper signs with CAA to tour North America (EXCLUSIVE)

Legendary racer Alice Cooper, who has no introduction, has signed with the CAA to represent her North American tour.

He has sold more than 50 million records over the years and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2011. His late night radio show, Nights With Alice Cooper, continues on air in nearly 100 cities around the world. The world. USA, Canada, Australia and UK.

Although it first broke into the market in 1971 with the single “I’m Eighteen”, Cooper and his colleagues have been all over the country for the past several years. A native of Arizona, the group – named Alice Cooper, the first to gradually adopt the name and identity – moved to Los Angeles in the late 1960s and worked on a circuit lively city clubs, opening your Doors frequently and signing to. Frank Zappa’s Straight label on their debut album.

However, after joining producer Bob Ezrin, the group moved to Detroit, where their boxing style was very well received, strengthening their sound, and changing their image from the hippie – geek look that it nurtured. siad in LA go hippie-geek. more horror movie. Won by single series like “School’s Out”, “Elected”, “No More Mr. Nice Guy”; the albums “Love It to Death”, “Killer” and “Billion Dollar Babies”; and the group’s ever – growing theatrical concerts – including pythons, faux beheadings, and other elaborate staging – Alice Cooper was one of America ‘s greatest acts in the early 1970s, making a significant impact on image David Bowie in “Ziggy Stardust” (Bowie and his group attended a concert with the Cooper band in London in late 1971).

However, Cooper left his peers in 1975 and became a solo artist, scoring a climax with his album “Welcome to My Nightmare”. In the ensuing years, he remained sober, had a short flirtation with the new wave (best illustrated by the 1980 single “Clones”), and enjoyed a revival in the mid – 1980s when several hard rock bands recognized , especially Motley Crue. its great influence. He later returned to the charts, most notably with his 1989 album “Trash”, and in recent years has continued to tour and record like the rock legend that he is. Her latest album, 2021’s “Detroit Stories”, reunited with members of Alice Cooper’s original band.

Over the years he has appeared in the movie “Wayne’s World” as himself and in “Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare” as Freddy Krueger’s evil stepfather.

It is still run by Shep Gordon at Alive Enterprises.

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