ALI Band puts away all their YouTube Videos and ‘LOST IN PARADISE’ From Spotify

A few days ago we reported that the band Alien Liberty International (ALI) that his activities were indefinitely suspended and the drummer expelled Kahadio of the group, after being formally charged by the authorities for a fraud. While fans thought things were “worked out” with this, they recently noticed something through their official media.

The official video for the song “LOST IN PARADISE” (not the one shown above) appears to have come from production Jujutsu Kaisen), made in association with AKLO, removed from its official YouTube channel. The song, which was the first final theme of the animated adaptation of it Jujutsu Kaisen, to remove Spotify. Unfortunately, upon further investigation by users, they discovered that all of the band's music videos had been removed from their YouTube channel.

According to the Twitter account @AniPlaylist, songs removed Spotify corresponds to those released with the seal Sony Music all over the world. The rest of his discourse was released with the labels »Alien Freedom International“Or”NITRON Concepts“Currently available. Japan is currently the region most affected by this, as the band only has five songs available on Spotify.

Reviewing the official site of the group, no statement was issued explaining the decision, although it is impossible not to mention the capture of the drummer by removing all official audio – visual material. Captured Kahadio The group was very impressed, as they were programmed to interpret the initial theme of the soul The World with You ends the Animation (Subarashiki Kono Sekai The Animation), but the measure was canceled just a few days after the series' premiere, when promotional materials and the full song had already been made available. Finally, it should be noted that ALI has recently been widely recognized for making musical themes for series such as Beastars, Jujutsu Kaisen Y. Noblesse.

Fountain: Twitter account

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