Alan Wake Remastered is coming to Nintendo Switch natively this year

Remedy Entertainment has announced that Alan Wake Remastered there will be a port for Nintendo Switch that will run natively on the hardware, not via the Cloud.

In a video posted yesterday (May 12) to commemorate the 12th anniversary of release Alan Wakecreative director Sam Lake announced the arrival of the port.

The remastered version will go on sale this fall (September to November), with a specific release date announced closer to the game’s release. Remastered Alan Wake previously released for Xbox, Playstation and PC last October. Switch players will now have the same opportunity to visit Bright Falls in its remastered glory.

Lake also provided an update on the progress of Conradh na Gaeilge Alan Wake 2: “Everything related to the development of Alan Wake 2 is going really well. We are fully involved in production, we have a lot of content and a lot of the game is in – game.” However, the game won’t get a new demo or trailer this summer, because the studio doesn’t want to waste valuable time on the development process.

Lake continues in the video: “We feel we have momentum and we want to make sure that we create the best, and first, horror game for Medicine. We do not want to take the team out of that focus, so we’re going to go ahead and create a great gaming experience, and unfortunately you’ll have to wait a little longer for a demo and a trailer. “

However, Medicine has shared a new concept art Alan Wake 2 which you can see in the video above.

Finally, Lake gave news about the TV series of it Alan Wake whose rights were purchased by AMC in 2018: “There is still a long way to go to bring the series to fruition,” he said, “but we are excited, to say the least, about this latest development.”

In other news, the release date for the Dead Space remake has been announced.


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