Akuk Kitou, voice of Tsukasa, to release her first mini-album in August

It was reported in a press release that the actor was vocal Akari Kitou he will release his first mini – music album, entitled Kaleidoscope, on August 4 as part of her debut as a solo singer (she was a former singer, but through the characters she played as a vocal actress). The mini-album will feature a total of five songs, each with different concepts.

In addition, the issue will also feature a special edition featuring Blu-ray with recordings of a live event held in Chiba Prefecture, as well as a music video for the album's title track, entitled “No Continue”.

About Akari Kitou

After graduating from a voice acting agency training school Pro-Fit, Akari Kitou began her activities as a professional vocal actress in 2014 playing a small role in Art Sword Online II. Since then, he has played a wide range of characters, such as Sayu Tsukisaki in Re: Step! Dream days, Noah Himesaka i Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita!, Kanata Konoe i Love Live! Nijigasaki Gakuen Idol Doukoukai School and Adachi in Adachi to Shimamura.

Conversely, she made her debut as a solo singer under her own name and affiliated with the company. Pony canyon with the release of his debut single titled “Swinging Heart” on October 16, 2019, and to date he has released three singles and a music album.

Fountain: Oricon News

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