AI recreates Yamcha’s iconic scene, but with a loli

Several months have passed since the Artificial Intelligence (AI) They became a trend in social networks, but not only, but a large variety of different AIs began to emerge through the Internet. One is clearly more popular than the other, and that is a very important point in development issues.

This is because of the learning method, since As more people use AI, it learns more and more to refine its results and provide diagrams that better follow directions. available to users. Remember that these AIs work based on understanding a string of text, which they convert into a representation.

For example, if the user types: “Michael Jackson as a character from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”, then the AI ​​will process each part of the instruction and send an image result. Of course, the result does not only depend on the program, since if the user offers a rather ambiguous instruction, the result may not be as expected.

In any case, it is one of the AIs that populates the Internet today LORAwhich is open source but with rather complex instructions (you can access the module at this linkGood luck with the instructions. A Japanese user was interested in the model, asking the AI ​​to convert the iconic scene from Yamcha won i Dragon Ball Z gamebut like loli

But that’s not all, this seems to have started a trend and now others have started making their own requests to the AI ​​with the same theme, although it is quite clear in some images that “there is still a lot to improve”:


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