After years of development, the Potionomics witch shop simulator is finally launching this fall

I have been continuing to develop the Potiononomics witchcraft store (not to be confused with Potion Craft) for over four years, apparently for over four years. It’s “coming soon” long enough to extend that definition, but now, finally, it’s really coming soon. With a new trailer showing us a taste of gaming, wattage, and successful potion store management, Potionomics has also created a Fall 2022 release window.

I have been waiting a long time for warehouse management sims to have many big days of their own, and Potionomics seems to be able to meet my demand. Life sim fans (and Recettear fans) will recognize the structure: Sylvia the witch inherits a potion shop from a late family member and is forced to revive the place to get out of debt.

To achieve this, Sylvia spends her time using various ingredients to make new types of potions, decorating her store, providing loot for local adventures, and entertaining customers.

The haggling part is when things seem strategic. It’s a turn – based card battle between Sylvia and her customers, in which her deck is made up of sales policies like “Reel ‘Em In” and “Elevator Pitch” or “Shock Factor”. They are all skills (cards) that she is collecting from the merchants and other adventurers in the city as she becomes more friendly with them.

What I first encountered about Potionomics was all the care that went into its 3D character animation. I am delighted to see that it looks incredibly colorful, delightful and full of locals. I like a simulation game either way, but I have a great team in my cookbook.

Potionomics has not yet set a concrete release date, but it is scheduled for release this fall. Until then, you can find and buy it on Steam.


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