After fifteen years, the anime Mononoke will have a movie in 2023

During a special broadcast the original anime was announced Mononoke it will have an animated film that will be released in 2023 in Japan. The press release noted that this is a completely new project, separate from the one issued in 2007, noting that kenji Nakamura (Q: Soul Money and Possibility Control, Gatchaman Crowds) return to directing this feature film, with the production of two-engine.

The video also previews other projects to commemorate the anime’s 15th anniversary, such as a crowdfunding campaign and a stage play. The fundraising campaign will be launched on June 24, and twelve artists each will create a videotape for the franchise in another project. The first image is from Sea Ninagawawhich drew a manga adaptation of the anime.

The original series was produced by the studios Toei Animationled kenji Nakamuracharacter designs Takashi Hashimoto and music composed by Takaashi Yasuharuwith twelve episodes and released in July 2007. A manga adapted manually Sea Ninagawa published in the journal A young gang from the publisher Square Enix between August 2007 and August 2008. It should be noted that the franchise is a spin – off of the anime Ayakashi: Classical Japanese Horror.

Summary of Mononoke

The IS “Medicine Sellers ”is a stagnant and mysterious master of occultism who travels feudal Japan in search of an honest spirit known as a” mononoke “for killing. Once you find one of these spirits, you cannot kill it; You must first learn its form, truth, and reason so that you can wield the powerful sword of the demon and fight it. He has to start his weird attitudes with rigorous psychological analysis and careful investigative work, an extremely dangerous step, as he has to tackle the mononoke and learn about the mononoke before he can afford to overcome it.

The journey Medicine Sellers he takes her to an old inn where Shino, a pregnant woman, has found a place to stay for relaxation. The owner reluctantly placed her in the last empty room; however, when he settles in, it quickly becomes apparent that the room is infested by a deadly monanoke gang, the Zashiki Warashi. With the intuition of his hunter, the Medicine Seller begins his investigation to discover the Way, the Truth and the Cause before he can kill the Zashiki Warashi again.

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