After Chainsaw Man, fans request that Fire Punch be animated as well

the portal of Japan mojito shared article indicating that the author’s fans Tatsuki Fujimotolook at the success of the anime adaptation Chain Saw Manthey want it adapted Fire Punch, the author’s first serialized manga. However, the decision could be difficult considering that this first work of the author is not so respected even among his own enthusiasts.

«The Chainsaw Man manga was made into a TV anime series in October 2022 and became a hit in many ways. Contrary to this trend, A movement is spreading among fans who follow author Tatsuki Fujimoto to have committees pay attention to his first manga series, “Fire Punch.”».

«“Fire Punch” is a dark fantasy manga that has been serialized on the Shonen Jump Plus service for about two years, starting in 2016. It was the starting point for the so-called “Fujimoto Vision” that would later blossom, and it brought a lot of attention to the serialization, but towards the end of the series, some said that the story. . “Fire Punch” is a much more shared work than “Chainsaw Man”, but still has a large following.».

«In response to the popularity of the “Chainsaw Man” adaptation, comments such as: “I don’t understand why people respect Chainsaw Man more than Fire Punch“; “Fire Punch is a much better story“; “I want you all to know that Fire Punch is a hundred times more fun than what you just saw.“. So, all these people are hoping that “Fire Punch” will finally make its jump into anime.».

«If Chainsaw Man could be popular, I want Fire Punch to be an anime too“; “With this momentum the Chainsaw Man has, can you start adapting Fire Punch?“, are comments appearing in the various Japanese forums. However, when looking for MAPPA, they should remember that “Chainsaw Man” was produced with full investment from the studio.».

«Since it was not done with the “committee production method”, where funding is requested from a group of companies, the barriers to continue stimulating the future may be eased thanks to this decision. Furthermore, in an interview conducted by the international outlet IGN France in August 2022, MAPPA stated that it wanted to “adapt all of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s works into anime.”».

«It wouldn’t be unreasonable to dream of a “Fire Punch” adaptation. However, this work is as much loved as it is hated by its own fans, due to several plot decisions that they did not fully like or, at least, did not understand. Even if “Chainsaw Man” was a successful anime, it is dangerous to think that everything written by Tatsuki Fujimoto will have the same effect. You may want to go to works with more obvious success first, such as “Sayonara, Eri“either”Look Back».

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