Adult anime Kaede to Suzu was given Spanish

the creative group Pianotaku Entertainmentfocusing on Spanish Latin dubbing projects, revealed in the middle of this month that he had worked on Spanish Latin dubbing of adult anime. Kaede to Suzu The Animationadaptation of the adult doujinshi of the same name written and illustrated by the author Kyōkucho (き ょ く ち ょ). The version that omits the sexual content is available on YouTube, but the full version is available on the creative group’s official site.

It should be remembered that this is the best rated adult anime (h * ntai) to date within the platform MyAnimeList, where it has a rating of 7.85 points based on more than 2,000 ratings. Production is done by 1st Studio de pink pineappleThe first episode aired in Japan on March 25, and has already confirmed production of the second episode.

The summary writes:

  • [Historia 1] One day after class, Suzu, Kaede’s twin sister, brings Kaede, the student council president, and Hayato, the secretary, to the student council room. Kaede is curious about a mysterious box on her desk, and when she reaches it, her hands are kept …
  • [Historia 2] Today is the day of the cultural festival. The main character’s class decides to have a maid coffee, and the girls dressed in maid uniforms are very active. Of course, her party Kaede, dressed as a maid and serving customers, is no exception. Meanwhile, Suzu, who for some reason came to visit in her maid costume, offered me a mysterious switch. I flip the switch to test it and suddenly Kaede starts to snag. Apparently a vibrator is stuck in its veil, what went into these twins?

Font: Youtube

原作 「ら ぶ み ー」 (文苑 堂)) 監督 ・ 演出 ・ ・ 絵 太多 秀 太 太 キ キ ャ ラ ク タ ー 作画 作画: マ ツ ジ ュ ン / / 制作: ス タ ジ オ 1st / ピ ン 製作 製作 製作 製作 Kaede to Suzu The Animation


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