Adele’s Las Vegas residency opens with Tim Cook, James Corden and Apple’s Baz Luhrmann in attendance




		Adele's Las Vegas residency opens with Tim Cook, James Corden and Apple's Baz Luhrmann in attendance

The excuses are pitiful these days when concert tickets are hard to come by. And Adele, whose long-awaited Las Vegas residency began on Friday (November 18) at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace, was not spared: “I’m really sorry for the inconvenience and disappointment I caused, but we . here tonight and together,” he said from the stage. Delaying the race, he said, “was the best decision I ever made.”

It was a reminder of the long walk to the Colosseum. Although the show was originally scheduled to start in January, production problems – and Adele’s own dissatisfaction with the staging – led to a nine-month delay, during which rumors circulated suggesting the show might change headquarters or move to cancel completely. “I want to thank Caesars because I’ve had a lot of crap written about me since I canceled those shows,” Adele said. “Ninety percent is completely made up, but not once [el Caesars] she didn’t ask any questions,” Adele defended, saying that dealing with business is the part of her job as a world-famous singer that she doesn’t always like: “That’s why I’m going to lose for six years straight ,” she complained. .

To tell the truth, nobody complained. In any case, the 4,100 people were present – among them James Corden, director Baz Luhrmann, Apple CEO Tim Cook and British artist Stormzy (sitting with Adele’s boyfriend Rich Paul), as well as Rob Stringer and Afo Verde from Sony Music Group and a CBS executive. Jack Sussman was excited to be heard and seen to be a part of Adele’s opening night, as evidenced by their regular cheers and cheers.

Still, Adele was nervous, and she said as much at the beginning of the show as she sang “Hello” and warmed up her voice. “I’m so scared and so happy,” she admitted, before asking rhetorically, “How are you all?”

Adele explained that she wanted the show to start small, without her and a piano. She also warned the audience that hot songs were in short supply, so jump at the chance to dance when an uptempo song comes on: “I don’t know what I was thinking,” she said of the show’s ballad load.

“I have a lot of things to say,” Adele continued with her characteristic joke: “It’s a very important week for me: Sunday is the end of ‘Walking Dead’. And it’s the Grammys and the World Cup… I I’m talking so much because I’m so nervous.” “In fact, she joked and told stories to the audience for nearly 30 minutes during the two-hour show, discussing everything from the weather (unusually cold for Las Vegas) to her “love sitting”, through discovering the music and mechanics of the show, and even brightening the night for two members of the Canadian public by reassigning the worst seats in the room to the center of the orchestra (he plans to repeat the feat in future shows), and at some other fans he shot T-shirts at them with a pistol (next to the center there is an Adele shop selling goods and trinkets and showing a selection of her dresses and awards).

Going over his greatest hits – “Easy On Me,” “Rumour Has It,” “Send My Love,” “Skyfall,” “Set Fire in the Rain,” “When We Were Young,” “Somebody

But what made the show worthwhile was Adele’s promise that it would be a personal experience. The reason I wanted to play in a small room was to be close to you guys,” he said during an emotional moment before the encore (“Rolling in the Deep” and “Love Is a Game”). “I was hung around London when I was 21 years old and wrote an album that ended up changing my life,” Adele continued, “I had no idea my life would turn out the way it has. Every day I have an out-of-body experience.”

The same could be said of the crowd on Friday night.

Song list:

Hello Easy

On My Turn

Build a table



Under the Send Bridge

My love Oh

My God One

And One Don’t

You remember Rumour

ItSkyfall is HometownLove

in the DarkCry

Set Your Heart Out

Fire for the Rain When

We were young

On a person

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