Activision has lost 50 million monthly active users in the last year

the publisher ofCall of dutyActivision, has suffered a significant loss of monthly active user (MAU) over the past 12 months.

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That’s according to the latest financial results report from Activision Blizzard King (dated April 25), which states that Activision’s MAUs went from 150 million in March 2021 to 100 million in March 2022. Blizzard’s MAUs went from 27 million to 22 million in the year. at the same time. , and 258 million King to 250 million (via PC Gamer).

This means that MAUs have fallen in the last 12 months from 435 million to 372 million for ABK as a whole.

As Activision explains in the press release, MAUs are calculated by summing and dividing the users for the year by 12 months. An MAU is considered to be the playing of a particular game in a given month, and if a person plays two games, that is two MAUs.

This significant drop in the number of returning users comes amid ongoing investigations into complaints about working conditions at Activision Blizzard, and the company’s efforts to end the labor movement of developers at its Raven Software studio.

Raven’s team – some of which formed the Game Workers’ Coalition – will vote this month to see whether or not their union can be formed, with the results to be announced in May.

Compensating for the decline in the number of players, Activision seems to be committed to the announcements made about the players’ experiences Call of duty this year, since he said that Modern Warfare 2 game this year will be the “highest experience” in the entire franchise.

In other news, skeptics believe that Russia submitted evidence as part of a stage arrest, because of copies of it The Sims 3 apparently replaced by SIM cards. Copies of the game with Nazi paraphernalia and other items were found.


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