Activision admits ‘Our Own Performance’ for ‘Call Of Duty: Vanguard’ Disappointment

Activision acknowledged that the studio’s “execution itself” was a disappointing reception for Call Of Duty: Vanguard, acknowledging that the title did not provide “as much innovation” as it had wished.

Shortly after Vanguard’s release, sales were reportedly down 40% compared to the last Call Of Duty title, Black War Cold Ops.

In Activision’s 2021 annual report, the company has reflected on what they think went wrong at Vanguard.

“[Vanguard] we did not live up to our expectations, we think mainly because of our own accomplishments, “Activision said.” The WWII site of the game did not appeal to some of our community and we did not offer as much innovation in [Vanguard] as we would like. “

Looking ahead, Activision has stated that it is “definitely addressing both of these issues with the 2022 release”, which revealed that it is Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

While data is scarce, it’s confirmed that Modern Warfare 2 Ghost will bring back your favorite fans and “be the most advanced experience in franchise history.”

Developed by Infinity Ward, it is reported that Modern Warfare 2 may include a new morale system and weapon glitches.

While Activision may be looking forward to the next Call Of Duty title, the risk factors of the annual report reflect a year in which the company is fraught with lawsuits and allegations of workplace misconduct.

Some of the risks identified by Activision include “our ability to attract, retain and motivate qualified personnel” as well as “the negative influences of the union or the unifying efforts of our workforce”.

The company also identified “negative impacts on our business as a result of concerns related to our workplace, including related legal proceedings.”

In March, Activision said it was struggling with “increased difficulty in attracting and retaining qualified staff,” and blamed allegations of workplace misconduct.

The company’s Raven Software studio is also currently voting on a trade union, after Activision Blizzard laid off more than a third of its QA workers.

In other video game news, Ubisoft has changed the developer of Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time Remake.


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