A woman arrested in Japan for stealing a figure from her boyfriend

In an unusual turn of events, a harmless anime figure has turned up in a robbery that has shocked the local community. Last weekend, the Hyogo Prefectural Police received an unexpected call from a disturbed 31-year-old man who lives in the city of Himeji. Amazingly, his plea for help involved a missing anime figure, setting off a series of events that led to the arrest of his live-in girlfriend.

The unknown man dialed the police emergency number, 110, in a state of distress, exclaiming: “My figure is gone!” The unusual emergency call left the police in a panic, because the figures are inanimate objects and cannot move on their own. Further investigation revealed that the man shared his living space not only with his 41-year-old girlfriend, a former co-worker, but also with a valuable collectible figure from the Kingdom Hearts video game franchise.

In most cases, theft like this can be attributed to relationship disputes or hurt feelings. However, this particular incident took a different turn. Police determined that the girl was the main suspect in the case, and she was arrested on robbery charges. Contrary to the stereotype of a frustrated couple acting against a 2D anime girl figure, The stolen item was not a provocative character, but rather the main character of Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts video game franchise, Sora.

The investigation revealed that the motivation behind the unusual robbery was not an emotional disagreement between the couple, but financial stress. The unemployed girl reportedly confessed to the crime, saying she sold the figure to generate money for “living expenses”. The term he used, “seikatsuhi,” encompasses entertainment and spending needs, suggesting a lack of financial planning.

The stolen Sora figurine has both sentimental and monetary value to the victim, but its market value was estimated to be only 4,000 yen. (about 29 US dollars). Kingdom Hearts merchandise has a wide range of prices, from budget items to exclusive collector’s items. It appears that the bride’s ignorant decision to steal and sell the figure was due to a lack of knowledge of its true value.

The incident has sparked discussion within the anime and video game communities, with fans expressing surprise and amusement at the unusual nature of the situation. As legal proceedings unfold, this incident is especially a reminder that even the most unlikely possessions can have significant meaning and value to their owners.

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