A subject would wear an ahegao sweatshirt to a job interview

Twitter user”Voiles the Invincible (@Voiles1910)” became a trend after it was reported that at work they rejected a job application from a subject who showed up wearing an ahegao sweatshirt, the popular h3ntai facial expression that shows “extreme arousal and orgasmic“, generally in the character that is penetrated (male or female).

Write her post:

  • «A guy in an ahegao hoodie walked right in and asked for a job, and I had to explain to my boss that his hoodie was porn and I wouldn’t hire him.».

You definitely have to have a bit of intelligence to apply for a job with that style of outfit, although the face itself is not pornography, it could make people around you uncomfortable who don’t know the context . For this reason, the publication was filled with different opinions, some suggesting that the story was unlikely to have actually happened:

  • «When students wore ahegao sweatshirts to school and I told them “not quite my class”, the immediate response was “so you know what this is, miss?”».
  • «What’s the problem with wearing a jacket? People are free to be themselves».
  • «So you are denying people the ability to make a living based on their appearance.».
  • «Why do people perpetuate you when you are right? You are the one who works it and you know your colleagues».
  • «I mean it’s not porn, just their face, but it’s still weird to wear it and apply for a job. It’s weird to wear in general, but especially when you ask for a job.».
  • «That’s next level confidence or a complete lack of self-awareness».
  • «No, I was with you until you admitted I wasn’t even wearing the hood… What do you want me to do then? Make it invisible with magic?».
  • «Normally I support free speech but if I go to the Big World I will commit a capital offense to ahegao clothes».
  • «Is it true that people don’t see a problem with someone wearing something like that in public? Imagine someone wearing a t-shirt covered in real people fucking. Would you feel comfortable around them?».
  • «The number of people defending the hood is ridiculous. You are supposed to dress nicely when you are trying to get a job. Dressing was usually a level above the job you wanted. This is not the same as denying someone an office job when they show up in shorts and a tank top.».
  • «Maybe ask him to come again without the sweatshirt in question. It seems unfair not to hire him for his clothes».

Font: @Voiles1910 on Twitter through Anime inspiration


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