A shooting at a punk show in Minneapolis leaves one dead and six injured

One person died and six others were injured after a shooting at a punk show in Minneapolis.

The incident happened at the Nudieland DIY store on the evening of Friday, August 11, and police believe two suspects approached the alley, a gunfight ensued, and fled on foot. They also believe the gunman targeted one of the show’s attendees.

Minneapolis Police Chief Brian O’Hara told a news conference (via MPR News): “We believe that one of the people was the target of a shooter. We do know that two suspects fled the scene, although we cannot confirm that they would have there are two. shooters.”

He added that the police had found several people with gunshot wounds and that a man in his 30s died at the scene. Another person has a “life-threatening” gunshot wound, and four others have minor injuries.

One person at the show, Quinn McClurg, said: “It’s like normal for a second, and then gunshots. And everyone on the ground. I can’t even imagine something like that happening at a punk concert. I was at making sure all my friends were doing well and that people were getting the help they needed.

Many GoFundMe pages have been launched to support the victims of the attack and their relatives.

A statement on one of the pages read: “This fund is distributed to the victims who were shot and injured during Friday’s terrible tragedy at Nudieland in Minneapolis; Nudieland residents who lost their colleague and friend Nick, also known as August; family and loved ones and other people involved.

“The money will go towards medical bills, lost wages, rent, food and other basic needs. We will keep this page updated. Thank you community. We love you South Side.”

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