A sequel to Lycoris Recoil would be up to the fans

The centre February met again with Shingo Adachithe studio’s original anime director and screenwriter Pictures A-1, Recoil Lycoris, before the climax of the story’s plot. Adachi commented on aspects of the latest episode and the possibility that the story could be developed further after the conclusion.

  • At the time of publishing this interview, episode 9 is set to air, but now that Chisato’s secret has been revealed, we finally understand her true nature.
  • Is that so? “I’m also not sure what this means for Adachi-sensei. I have never been in his place and I can only guess”, he said with certainty. Chisato’s time left is indeed short, but perhaps it is the same for us. We could die tomorrow. In that sense, we have the same problems as Chisato, but we try not to notice them. Thinking of Chisato, “death” and “time” were inevitable. I was exposed to different philosophical perspectives and it was amazing. Some people even say that “the thought of death is scarier than the thought of death”. Chisato has carried that horror with her from childhood until now, and yet she is able to keep that glee, because what does she do? I think that’s the real secret of Lycoris Recoil.
  • In episode 9, Chisato and Takina’s departure and farewell was memorable.
  • I had a special experience with that scene, and indeed, in the original script and storyboard, Takina ran out and walked away when she saw the snow. But when I think about it again while checking the storyline, I can’t help but remember Takina and Chisato. You might look weird (laughs). Then the snow fell, which she wanted to show Chisato. The words he said just before, “If you give it your all, good things will happen,” are ringing true. When he looks back, he sees Chisato standing there with a “Now do you see?” look. I don’t think there could be a more positive cry for Takina, who doesn’t know if she’s on the right path to save Chisato. You’ve heard it again, haven’t you? “It’s not over yet,” he said. I wonder if this is what you often hear, that the characters move by themselves…
  • Because of the opening sequence, which emphasizes the close friendship between the two, the depiction of their separation is really sad.
  • That’s one of the functions of an initial sequence. Both of them really should have more time, but we can’t show all of that in the main animation. I also thought this when I was storyboarding and directing Sword Art Online II’s “Mother’s Rosario Arc” (which I storyboarded and directed the opening animation for), but I thought it would be better if I could draw the images that I couldn’t draw. represent the main story in the sequel and make the time between Chisato and Takina use the audience’s imagination as well.
  • Since the opening theme is out, I want to ask, is it correct that the ending animation is around Takina’s room?
  • Something like that (laughs). Takina is naive and has no hobbies, so she doesn’t buy anything, but Chisato suggests all kinds of things to her. The lyrics of the ending theme are also about that kind of thing, so I developed an image from that. Chisato also helped him buy many things. “You’ll be dancing listening to this, right?”, “I think this would look bad to have in your room”, “Doesn’t it make sense? But it’s fun”, you imagine those conversations took place.
Recoil Lycoris
  • The story is coming to an end. It seems that it will be a direct confrontation between Majima and the DA from here on out.
  • What about Mashima-san?… I wonder what people who watch Lycoris Recoil think of him.
  • Majima’s true intentions are still unclear, but he seems to have his own reasoning and doesn’t seem like a simple villain.
  • I don’t think people can stand the perception that they are bad. They all think they are on the side of justice, one way or another. That’s right, isn’t it? The DA is a peacekeeping agency in Japan, but it is not authorized by the public. And as for Majima, that’s not good. It is a clash of selfish judges.
  • The contradictions facing the DA organization are also evident from the opening narrative of the first episode, so that’s a tough question.
  • Well, well, I don’t want you to think about difficult things like that (laughs). My wish is for people to see how the two of them, Chisato and Takina, function in an irrational world.
  • As serious as the development is, it is clear deep down that they want the public to feel the tenderness of the two.
  • Are they cute, but also vulnerable? From the subjective point of view of Chisato and Takina, what adults do is not the main problem. Although the girls present various problems and incidents in the society around them, we do not want to forget that this time it is only from the point of view of the two girls. If there is an opportunity coming up with the Lycoris Recoil project, it could create another story from a different perspective.
  • Regardless of whether there is such a demand for this work, the truth is that it looks like it could be done.
  • Telling something like the daily routine of the Cleaners in the series. “These girls always make a mess,” they complain as they clean everything up to make it look like nothing happened. Or is it not interesting? (laughter)
  • That said, the daily moments at the LycoReco coffee shop also look like fun.
  • I would have done more short stories set in the cafeteria. I had prepared some sweet menus like Takina’s special that was featured in episode 8, but I couldn’t draw much. It’s unfortunate. With your enthusiastic support, I may finally get a chance to draw those stories. Thank you everyone for your support!

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