A new trailer for ‘Final Fantasy 16’ has been completed and will be released soon

Another trailer than expected has been completed Game final fantasy 16and producer Naoki Yoshida has said it will be released soon.

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Yoshida made the comment about it Game final fantasy 16 during a live broadcast on Nier Re[in]carnation on May 6, which Audrey later translated on Twitter (thanks, polygonal).

Yoshida ‘s statement follows another one he made last week, in which he said so Game final fantasy 16 it is in the “final stages” of its development. The new trailer has been delayed by numerous factors, but Yoshida says it’s coming soon.

During the broadcast of Neir Re[in]carnation Yoshida joked about how the Square Enix public relations team in the United States became angry after his comments about the development of the Game final fantasy 16– which was delayed by about six months last year due to COVID-19 – adding that the title is “developing a lot” and “wants” the development team to spend more time on [pulirlo]“.

Audrey confirms that Yoshida ‘s comments do not mean that Game final fantasy 16 It’s turned to gold or finished, but it’s almost finished.

Game final fantasy 16 It has no release date at the moment, and Square Enix announced the game in 2020 as an exclusive PS5. The ad was accompanied by a trailer, which featured a mix of real – time battles and clips, with this entry mimicking a medieval theme.

Yoshida confirmed earlier this year that it’s the next big revelation Game final fantasy 16 It would take place this spring, airing between March and May, which means that this new trailer could be released in the coming weeks.

You can find more details about the life and characters of the game on its official website here.

In other news, babbles The drop to a single player fell concurrently this week, and the maximums are no higher than 100 active players either.


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