A manga collection has almost destroyed a house in Japan

In Japan, Twitter user “萬画婁 (@changegetter1)” posted an update showing that his large manga collection destroyed part of his home. This was due to the fact that the weight of the shelves exceeded the permitted and perforated weight of the wooden floor. In his update, the user wrote:

  • Do you know what happens when a manga hall collapses? The legs of the metal shelves in the middle of the room could not support the load of the sleeves, and the floor was broken … There is only despair. What should I do now?

He later shared more photos showing that he had already started fixing this whole mess:

  • It took us a while to sort the books, because we had to rescue them regardless of title or volume number, but we have found a situation again where we can move, and so this tag is done. There was only a torn cover, a torn obi, and about 30 torn books that might have left fingerprints, so the damage was minimal. Please take care everyone.

Featured comments on the post included:

  • «I have a similar experience, so I understand how you feel. The earthquake affected me, but it was partly because the bookcase I made myself was not strong enough, so I am also responsible for something.».
  • «This is a difficult situation to clean up».
  • «Residential apartments are built on a calculation of 180 kg/m2. However, if the load is concentrated on four legs, as in steel shelving, the floorboards need to be reinforced. I would use 24mm plywood. If possible it would be better to have 200 3.2mm square steel plates under the legs».
  • «Shelves that rest on a “point” and not on the “surface” of the floor are heavily loaded. I buy a 2 cm board on a home center and put it under the shelf to distribute the weight».
  • «A 19th century bibliographer who rented a new house every time he filled a room with books, renting out so many that his library was scattered around the world he no longer recognized.».
  • «Oh! Our house has experienced five or six magnitude 6-7 earthquakes, including the Great East Japan Earthquake, but the ground has not yet loosened».

font: @changegetter1 on Twitter


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