A Japanese found her soulmate in Fate/Grand Order

In a recent edition of the Japanese variety show “Taxi Untenshu-san Ichiban Umai Mise ni Tsuretette!”, famous for its quirky format where the presenters interview taxi drivers to find the busiest restaurants, A wonderful love story was revealed that caught the attention of both viewers and netizens..

During the broadcast, a female taxi driver shared her unusual story of how she met her current boyfriend, and the key to this story was not a chance meeting on the street or a blind date. Instead, it was thanks to the popular video game “Fate/Grand Order” that these two hearts found their way to love.

“Fate/Great Order” It is a mobile game based on the “Fate” franchise by Type-Moon. The game combines RPG and strategy elements, and allows players to summon and collect a wide variety of historical and legendary characters to fight in epic battles. With its captivating story and charismatic characters, “Fate/Grand Order” is very popular in Japan and abroad.

In the case of the taxi driver, her love story began when she met her boyfriend through the game. After chatting in the virtual world of “Fate/Grand Order,” the two began following each other on Twitter and gradually developed a relationship that lasted over a year. This strange love story has caught the attention of comment forums in Japan, where netizens are expressing their surprise and admiration.

Some funny comments include: “I’m playing Fate/Grand Order, but I can’t get a girl“, expressing the hope that the game can also act as a means of finding love. Other comments suggest the taxi driver and joke about the possibility of finding a partner thanks to the money invested in the game.

This story is an example of how video games not only entertain, but can bring people together in unexpected ways. “Fate/Grand Order” is clearly more than just a game, serving as a rallying point for truly emotional connections, such as the love story of this taxi driver and her boyfriend, which proves that love can blossom on the most likely way. places.

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