A cute otaku goes viral from the stands of Japan

Japan’s game against Germany during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 It still continues to give people something to talk about on social networks, not only because of Japan’s victory over one of the world powers in soccer, but also because of fans who became an instant trend. It’s about “あやてん (@ayatenchan)“, an otaku girl who was supporting the Japan Soccer Team, also known as the “Samurai Blue (Samurai Blue)“, from the stands.

Atún“, who describes himself as “an otaku who puts a lot of effort into his hobbies, and a lover of soccer, idols, and travel“He shared some photos showing himself in the stands with the Japanese fans. Her main photo gathered thousands of reactions on Twitter, and she called herself “the most beautiful otaku in the world”.

This is not the first time, however, “Atún” that attracts attention on social media. The centre Yahoo! news of japan I already interviewed her this month because of her popularity among European fans, and her strong influence on social media. «Lost time of the game in which the round of 16 of the World Cup in Russia was in the hands of the Japanese team. Due to a counter attack from the opposing Belgian team, Japan had to lose. That day, a twenty-year-old woman, who had no interest in sports at the time, took up soccer. Now he says he’s “enjoying life”», he wrote the article in which it was revealed that his love of sports had started four years ago.

«The terrible loss at the World Cup in Russia against Belgium, which left Japanese soccer fans frustrated and feeling that their dream was over. “Until then, I didn’t know the rules well, and when I watched football, it was just an exciting event.“. Ayaten is now known as a lover of European soccer and has over 42,000 followers on Twitter. He says his life has changed since that game», the article continues.

«I was very disappointed that Japan lost, so much so that even now I hear it when I see it. But the scene when the game was reversed. The counterattack started by Kevin De Bruyne was very nice. Then I was interested in the way he played football“. What kind of change of heart happened after that loss that made you want to watch football? “I started following the games of the winning Belgian team. The beautiful and skillful way they played put me at ease“. From there, he started following the games of his team, Manchester City. “I don’t remember why I fell in love with them so much, or how I felt at the time, but it felt like fate. Before I knew it, I was already shopping for a De Bruyne kit online! After that, watching football was more fun.», he concludes.

font: Yahoo! news of japan


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