A beautiful streamer from China forgot to activate her face filters

All Chinese live streaming services have powerful filtering features. These filters are especially good for women, because they can clean the skin, enlarge the eyes, change the hairstyle, and make the skin glow. Recently, a Chinese streamer used this feature, much to the surprise of viewers.

A live video of an influencer was shared on Weibo, China’s largest social network. The woman forgot to activate the filter function and went directly to the live broadcast. The woman activated the filter function as soon as she saw the comments within the broadcast, but it was too late. The transmission was recorded for posterity and showed an old woman with wrinkled skin. Turning on the filter, she transformed into a young, fair-skinned, smooth woman.

Listeners were amazed at the woman’s mental capacity to continue broadcasting while dancing afterwards, despite revealing her real face. A wide range of views were shared, reflecting: “At first I thought the mother was acting on behalf of her daughter» ; Y”The level of filter technology is worrying at this point».

However, of course there are opinions to defend it, for example «Won’t it be the other way around? Maybe she is young and was wearing old lady filters at the time» ; Y”Perhaps neither face is true. Horrible, right?». Although the streamer’s viewership decreased as a result of this incident, it became a hot topic outside of China, via social networks.

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