5 Legendary Gambling-Inspired Songs

Music is one of the most lucrative and involved industries. Over the past decades, it has probably been one of the most changed segments along with gaming (the proliferation of global online providers distributed in different countries is proof of this. Match Center Portugal, Match.Center Brazil, Match. Center Paraguay either Match.Center Romania) and the product of digital transformation. The appearance of new formats, platforms, distribution channels or monetization has provided a more accessible context and features new emerging artists alongside music legends.

We could say that music is a reflection of our society and, of course, other forms of entertainment that are part of the cultural industry, including the world of gaming. And that is… what will human emotions have to do with this kind of format? Throughout the history of music we have found many references to Casino, do you remember any? Below we analyze five of the most famous and popular of recent years. Take note!

“Poker Face” Lady Gaga (2008)

Since its release in 2008, it has become a true youth anthem and one of the most memorable songs on the track list from his hit album ‘The Fame’. You only have to read the title of the song to know that it is inspired by the classic card game. Not only did Lady Gaga adopt this random format as a reference to the title, but she also used various terms to make metaphors and references throughout the verses that last just over three minutes.

“Blackjack” Cupcake (2018)

If we analyze the repertoire of songs with a huge range related to the world of gaming, this song Cupcakke is one of the most current bets. ‘Blackjack’ was released around 2018 and throughout its lyrics we can find a certain parallel between the rules of the game and the ritual of flirtation and conquest.

Leaving Las Vegas with Sheryl Crow (1993)

One of Crow’s most notable hallmarks is his commitment to women’s empowerment. This theme became widely known around the world since it came to light around the year 1993 when his work ‘Tuesday Night Music Club’ was published. Throughout the theme, we can find a story in a context within the mythical city of sin where the artist decides to start a new life. In addition, we can find interesting nods to the classic Blackjack format.

“The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers (1978)

Are we talking about the most popular classic songs in the gaming world? If not, at least surely it is one of the most popular. It was released in late 1978 and was created by Don Schlitz. The plot is based on the meeting between the soloist and a professional poker player during a train journey.

“Tumbling Dice” by The Rolling Stones (1972)

It is the oldest of those songs in our compilation. Its launch came in 1972 with the album with the title Exile on Main Street with the legendary band The Rolling Stones. If you’ve ever heard it, you’ll know that while its main theme is love, the lyrics are based on metaphors about casino games of chance. Are we facing the most legendary title in modern music and mentions the gaming industry? Probably.

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