18 year old idol pregnant with her manager

An Idol Asuka kiraboshi The 18 – year – old announced last week on a Twitter that she is pregnant. The father of the child is nothing less than his 22 – year – old representative and the two have a two – year relationship. After the news, many of his fans classified him as “the worst betrayal”.

Asuka kiraboshi seen in places Tokyo with a group named “Star-brightShe went away in October Tweet She did not mention that they were getting married, but she said that although she is pregnant, she will not stop being Idol and continue to work hard.


Most of the messages from his followers are not positive. Some say the manager is a terrible person, on the other hand, many want to celebrate their pregnancy, but still, they are not completely satisfied. In other cases they even “scare her” because they say that having a relationship with him is an insult to her fans and therefore they will no longer support her.

While in reality the negative messages were more focused on a manager Kiraboshi. Wednesday, ia Tweet He apologized for what had happened and for hurting his fans. About, Kiraboshi He also apologized for the trouble he had caused everyone he knew.

The blog officer of Kiraboshi It was updated with a statement from his representative apologizing. He also said, however, that he felt great joy when he heard the news. He promised to dedicate himself to his job and become a father in the same way.

As already mentioned, they are both going two years and had an argument about having children. Because of her pregnancy, she will stop performing live after January 18 next year.

What did you think of this news? Did it surprise you? What do you think about their relationship? Leave me your opinion in the comments.

Fountain: ANN


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